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People are free to be consumed with contemplating their existence, their origins, the origins of the universe, supreme beings, controllers of destiny or anything else. But solving "the Great Mystery" is neither a requirement of being Ohnkwe Ohnwe nor does it provide a path to righteousness. I maintain that spirituality does not require faith or the leaps that faith requires but rather awareness. If it helps to believe that "God has a plan" and we just must have faith that "He" knows what "He" is doing, then walk that path. My interest is in taking the mystery out of life by pointing to the obvious that is ignored everyday in the midst of fanatical ideology and the sometimes not too subtle influences of promoting beliefs over knowledge. I have said it before: “beliefs are what you are told, knowledge is what you experience”. I support a culture that prepares us to receive knowledge and to live a life with purpose. I am certainly not suggesting there is only one way to do that.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

22 Days into June and Still the US is Denying Mohawks Access to their Own Community

Berfore a June 1st deadline, filled with threats of armed border guards and tougher scrutiny for those that dare enter the American dreamland, could come to pass the US and Canadian shut down the Three Nations Bridge, connecting the two through the most unlikely and unwilling partner; the Mohawk Nation. It is amazing that the blockade of a small Native community by two of the largest countries in the world could continue this long with little to no outrage, media or even comment. No Obama, not even a tap dance around the subject. No Clinton, no Napolitano. The few comments offered by US politicians, like Schumer, Gillibrand and McHugh, suggested this was a quarrel that had to be worked out between Canada and the Mohawks, accepting no responsibility or even acknowledging the actions on the US side of this issue.
The two issues that simply do not square is why the Mohawk opposition to allowing the Canadian Border Service Agency to establish an armed presence in the heart of a Mohawk village should result in the US blocking access to that portion of the community. As mentioned in previous posts; all the 911 hysteria that has allowed unprecedented incursions into civil rights and has literally allowed both the US and Canada to get away with murder (sometimes even against each other), proves once again to be only a tool to be picked up and used when convenient, not necessarily an evenly applied policy or standard. The US / Canadian border became a spotlight issue after 911. Millions spent on high-tech border stations, passport requirements and higher identification standards, travel and tourism studies, trade and commerce studies; all smoke and mirrors. The US right now is not only forcing a so-called breach in their "border security" at a spot that they have bitched about ever since they scribed a line on a map of our territory, but they are now completely turning a blind eye to it. With the New York State Police denying us access to our own community by bridge, we are forced to once again go back to days of old and use the river for our transportation. This traffic has increased to the point that many passenger and even a vehicle ferry is now in operation granting access to the Cornwall Island from the southern portions of our community. In spite of this "breach" or the hazards of water travel, no one from the US side has even attempted a conversation with the Mohawk people. To be honest, most of us are OK with the bridge being closed, for now. But the first accident on the river or the first attempt by anyone trying to close this access will certainly cause the stakes to be raised.
The Obama administration has prided itself on the diversity of their appointments. So my question is when do these people move beyond the gesture made by their appointments and really do something. Larry Echohawk, Jodi Gillette and Kimberly Teehee; the Mohawk lines are now open. It must have been pretty uncomfortable coming to our Western Door in Seneca Territory for NCAI unprepared to address the issues of our Eastern Door. The Seneca People too are waiting to see how you conduct yourselves regarding the assault on their commerce as well.
We don't need anymore apologies from US and Canadian officials or agencies. We don't need new policies unless the new policy is removing the old ones. Stop the assault on our sovereignty.


Apache said...

People of the Mohawk and Tribes of Canada! Listen close as I have read the news, reported from across our lands...All countries are stretched to the people of our ancestors, and many do not know of the travesty which is inheriant throughout our plight! It has come to pass when violence and words of ugly means does not bring the Spirit to Peace..It is with a contentious heart, and a sound of the drums across the shores and the lands that the heartbeat of 6 Nations will "Rise to Stand" to give its importance from the Warrior to the Matriarchs that are hidden for the final stance of our journey...We hear your cries, we too die inside but there is greater to hold, and when one is in the midst of evil one must mustar up the strength to use the old ways to enrich the Spirit that comes...I am of the Wolf....My great-grandmother said to always stand tall....against all odds...We must join in unison to lift each other up, rather belittle our words to the ways of this government throughout the western hemisphere....Your voices come as dancing and drums will echo the sounds of the "beating hearts across miles to open doors of silenced ears" Speak and dance as the Spirit draws close not as the white men of fear! Apache

Windtalker said...

I agree with Apache he speaks much wisdom.Yes the world has their eyes on our people and our ancestors for we are of a powerful and ancient race.We as a people and our ancestors have great power that was gifted to us by our creator and the white governments know this.I actually get very surprised when i see them abuse or bully our people now.Stay strong and stand your ground on all issues threwout turtle island for our ancestors and our creator is watching over us very protectivly,and the world over knows this.Also remember we have a huge family we are not the only ones with black hair and brown skin so are tribal people all over the world our family.

Iroquoismaiden said...

Please see
You may add this to enlighten yourselves with additional information,

ohnkwe ohnwe said...

It seems a little funny that 60 Minutes had no problem sending a crew all the way to Kahnawake because a couple of rich, white computer nerds lost their money playing on-line poker (to another rich, white computer nerd who figured out how to cheat), but no 60 Minutes, no 20/20 not even Heraldo will touch the Akwesasne story.
Clearly the closing of a major international border crossing is news. I know it isn't Paris Hilton or Brittany Spears news worthy, but you would think someone would find it at least ironic, if not interesting.
Since most Americans think we are buried in the history books or died with John Wayne (Oh, yeah; there was that "Dances with Wolves" thing), these stories of "Indian Uprisings" at very least are good anachronisms. Why don't one of you media leeches quit with the pantyless bimbos long enough to really do some reporting.

mama pajama said...

I am not a native, but someone who wants to lend my voice in support of your people.

As the front page of this blog did with Obama's speech from the 15th..his newer speech from the 23rd that spoke of the Iranian protests could be used as an even stronger parallel. EVERY First Nations activist in the country could be writing today to any media outlet they can find to say...WHY do WE not have this same support and respect? Why are our voices delegated to tiny one sentence bylines if they appear at all?

Why do "Pretendians" like the "Manataka" of Arkansas deserve front page color photos of their scam ceremonies in the local newspapers and issues such as armed border partol dividing a soverign people on our borders and removing human rights from their citizens not even deserve mention?

There are so many problems and issues facing every person in the world right now that it is often an overwhelming feeling that *I* can't do anything to affect change for the positive.

Well, my computer is one small way that I try to let my conscience and my values be displayed to speak out when and wherever I can for justice. Justice isn't just seeing to equitable "prosecution" for crimes as so often appears to be the use of that word. Justice implies fairness, equal application of principles and rights, respecting the basic human rights of every people.

There are non natives who will stand strong with you and support you if they can simply come to understand what is going on!

Not everyone who is ignorant and silent about these things is so because of utter apathy...many are still simply very blind to what is going on.

For others, it will take more than a simple news item to wake them up.

They've had lies told to them long enough from "respectable" sources that they're accepted. Generations of propaganda are hard to overcome.

It will come as such a shock to some it threatens their own self-concept and identity and that is where part of the backlash comes from.

Our psyches don't like to be replaced with identities we don't like.

Good luck and stay strong!

ohnkwe ohnwe said...

The purposes of this blog is to educate, serve Native people and instill pride. But education is the key to the other puposes. I will not allow commenters to hijack its purpose. I personally feel very strongly about the harm that religion has played on our people. Religion is not spirituality. While I can appreciate the diversity that can be employed by people to understand their connectiveness, I will delete any comments I feel cross the line in promoting the ideologies that have caused such harm to our people. While all comments are welcome, they may not all stay. If comments do not contribute to the conversation, they will be removed.

Apache said...

I read and believe....I know to well what religions have done...All to well....for I nearly lost myself because I believed in serving those with less, and those who were treated with injustice...but to learn that there were motives unknown to my thinking...I learned to swallow my heart....and begin again! Native Pride...If you go to face book....many Indians are doing their best to bring all together....many have no means or way...Like I...for I am not of where I stay...nor do I console with those who serve the confines of ignorance...I am who I am because of the blood that flows through my veins...I too, am learning of the cruelty spread across states and other cultures....Like Turtle Island...Apache

Anonymous said...

"...but no 60 Minutes, no 20/20 not even Heraldo will touch the Akwesasne story..."

My experience is that all such news stories are effectively censored in North American 'mainstream' media, and really this has been true since Pine Ridge in '72.

Anonymous said...

y do i have to search for this news it should be in all media
not in my news papers not on mains stream radio tv or infowarrior type sites
north/south borders are serious issues that need some injun unity to reslve. o u say is missing how will ..... damn get so tongue tied translation twisted trying to think . how or lets stick with the w's who what when and why
who: the we the us 3/4 or 2/3 let us say majority of the worlds population the indigenous native breeds and "mutts" of this world and the children let me cap this
CHILDREN= the immature vessel for the soul/spirit
cya on the other side another time said...