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People are free to be consumed with contemplating their existence, their origins, the origins of the universe, supreme beings, controllers of destiny or anything else. But solving "the Great Mystery" is neither a requirement of being Ohnkwe Ohnwe nor does it provide a path to righteousness. I maintain that spirituality does not require faith or the leaps that faith requires but rather awareness. If it helps to believe that "God has a plan" and we just must have faith that "He" knows what "He" is doing, then walk that path. My interest is in taking the mystery out of life by pointing to the obvious that is ignored everyday in the midst of fanatical ideology and the sometimes not too subtle influences of promoting beliefs over knowledge. I have said it before: “beliefs are what you are told, knowledge is what you experience”. I support a culture that prepares us to receive knowledge and to live a life with purpose. I am certainly not suggesting there is only one way to do that.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The New US/Canada Mandated Tribal ID's

For the most part, Native people are oblivious to the things that their, so-called, leaders subject them to. A case in point is the new Tribal ID card.
The US and Canada have developed new requirements for what they will accept for "legal" tribal identification cards. The arbitrary lines that they have drawn between them that have, by no small coincidence, separated our nations, communities and families; will not be passable by our people without these new cards or a fight. By and large the "recognized leadership" has laid down for the new regulations. There has been little or no resistance to the changes because our people have been left in the dark. There have been no meetings, no notices and no discussions within our communities about the details of these new regulations and information requirements. All anyone has been told is that new ID's are coming and that they will be necessary to cross between the US and Canada.
Well what are the new requirements? The new cards are high tech. They will include encrypted information on them that none of us will be able to access. The cards will not only be scannable to retrieve this info but it will be possible to send a signal that will allow the card to transmit information back to those who wish to retrieve it. So yes, we will be trackable. The technology is called RFID. See the link in the side bar for more info on RFID Chips.
If that isn't creepy enough, there is the issue of the information on file, where it comes from, where it goes to and who maintains and secures that info. This isn't just about identifying people any more. In the name of the "War on Terror", we will be placed on lists based on criminal records, tax and other financial records, biometric information, travel, political views, public statements, private statements, our associations, our relatives, our purchases and who knows what else. Determining whether an individual is on a given list will not even require an interrogation or an interview. Your card can simply be scanned and it won't even have to come out of your wallet because it will have remote access.
The fact that tribal ID's will be used for this purpose is the part that is the most unsettling. It is bothersome on two fronts. That our, so-called leadership would subject their people to this invasion of privacy is treasonous, but the ignorance of our people brandishing these things on the false belief that it is a symbol of our distinction and our sovereignty is pathetic.
How did we get this stupid? When did we become this passive? I hope that we aren't. I know there are those that have and will resist. We are the ones that always referred to a "card carrying Indian" with a certain amount of disdain. Disdain will not be strong enough for these card carriers. These cards will separate our communities dramatically if we allow them. Not only will it cause conflict in travel to and from community to community, but the divide between those that comply and those that don't may take generations to heal.
I personally would rather spend the extra twenty minutes arguing with the morons at customs and risk the challenge to my entry then let them determine how to identify myself. How many times have we heard all of the problems in our communities reduced to self esteem and identity issues. This is literally an identity issue. It has got to stop. We need to challenge these new cards and hold these tribal administrations accountable. Press the issue. Ask the questions. Demand the answers.


wahya said...

As a Indigenous North American of- the true-"AniYunwiyah", [Principal people], I say, the latest insult to Indigenous peoples, I.e.- the “New Indian I.D.s'”, and other, actions of those who refer to themselves as “The Leadership", of the various Indigenous Nations of the Americas', is, an act of war. This war is against all traditional Indigenous peoples of the Americas.
I am by my 1948-birth, a Cherokee [of the east] who descends from within a very old family line of those commonly or historically known as the Chickamauga Cherokee. Our families were those who resisted both the New Order of The New Cherokee Nation, [Circa 1722] and the illegal usurpation of traditional Indigenous lands without the consent of the true League of Nations of N America-that started over one thousand years ago and to which the "Cherokee" are the keepers of the southern Root of "The Great Tree of Peace'.
The Cherokee people, together with our northern relations of the Onkwe Onwe-form the center of that which was begun so long ago. I, as one of the AniWahya [wolf clan] and a Keetoowahgi [true keetoowah person], do not, have not, and shall never recognize any foreign authority over my people, my relations or myself. As to the small red Band Council dogs that lick at the feet of the illegally imposed governments of Canada and the United States, they prove themselves as traitors.

Aya Wahya, Aniwahya ale AniYunwiyahyagi,
Stai’u Donada Gohui.

Anonymous said...

I heard that even the so-called Confederacy is developing a compliant card to replace the red cards that have been used for so long. Onondaga continues to mislead their people and try to suck the rest of the Confederacy down with it. The only thing that would worry me more than the feds accessing personal info from my ID would be those sell-outs in Onondaga doing having a role in it.

wahya said...

The "Band Council" and its' concept from inception, is more the issue than one may think.
The Traditional original form of maternal authority and the concensus of "the people", is what [a] Band council replaces and surpresses at-the behest and support of the foreign U.S. and Canadian Governments.

ohnkwe ohnwe said...

When religion began to replace spirituality it became easier to institutionalize our people. Chris Hitchens wrote "God is not Great; How Religion Poisons Everything". I contend that this could be taken to the next level; that Government Poisons Everything. What the Europeans found remarkable was the fact that the Haudenosaunee governed with very little government. Our stuctures were natural, like family. They were not institutions, bogged down with artificial or unnatural rules or processes. Sure we had Chiefs and Clan Mothers but there was no hierarchy or royal succession. Everyone had the same voice. Freedom and the laws of nature prevailed. This system existed for thousands of years. Religion and government has been its undoing. It detroyed the natural flow of decision making. Religion in particular cast women in a subserviant role to men, rather than the equality of partnership between men and women that our system recognized. In western society women still take a back seat to men and that has infected our people in both the band or tribal councils and in the deterioration of traditional governance.

Anonymous said...

experience says generally it is the fault of all and not learning your ways of who we really are!Nor keeping our own in line? This is called inevitability we destroyed ourselves from within ! good trick played from a sick peoples ndns are chicken shit to fight!They will end up in jail and are afraid of that!
Perhaps the most hard part is when and only after all is said and done someone might have a clue in the world as to how being ndn really is or to even pik up the pieces to start rebuilding accordingly? Our people must get out of the individualism thing of the non native man and start acting as one with their own people.Otherwise we have the same old thing time and time again.History has a funny way of repeating itself to know what happened to our old way really is in front of us take a good look and bask in it's ambiance. Now ask yourself one question?Do I want to walk in the footsteps of the old ones or am I going to create my own strong path.??? For all time that they will sing songs about me or are you going to be like some alcoholic so when they say the opening your name gets mentioned?? now go make a name for yourselves and get your heads out of your asses! Raise up your heads and stand tall proud and strong .

SimonRaven said...

I refused to get a "Status Card", even though I could get one, because I refuse to let a foreign government decide I'm an Indigenous person or not. I was born this way, I will die this way. These cards that "Homeland Security" wants are even more reason not to get one. Currently the new cards "Indian" Affairs wants to give out to people don't have the chips, but the so-called homeland security in the so-called u.s. isn't happy with the chipless ones, and they want DIAND to make some with the chips.


Cattle shouldn't be treated this way either, this is awful awful bad thing!

I can't say it enough, this is not a good idea. DO NOT SUBMIT!

Anonymous said...

Wahya also added this...

Behind the words of one of our ancestors, [a man named Dragging canoe] of the Chickamauga Cherokee circa 1700s, "Treaties with the whites may be ok for those who are to old to hunt or fight, as for me, I have my young warriors about me and we will keep our lands". Behind those words ,for those who today are to-feeble of mind, spirit and heart, to hear or see, is meant this; Dragging canoes' heart, mind and spirit were not so, "compromised" as those of today, he felt-knew and believed in the original way of the original people of turtle island. He knew-that one person, one by one-must embody all that came before and went into "Making" us. By your very birth-you-I-all of us of the ancient blood of the Americas', carry everything within us that is needed to fight and do what must be done in order to not loose ones-soul, spirit,mind and ones -freedom!
What do you think freedom is then?, Is it merely the ability to eek out a living scrapping by each day, trying to pay oppressive taxes to overseers (that would be the US or Canadian Gvts], and see your children and mate daily bend under both physical and mental and spiritual burden as pressed down daily upon us all by those that call themselves our "Leaders" [band councils chiefs] and those of the Destroyers who sit in the seats of power in Ottawa and Washington DC? Is it? How can one see this as freedom?
There are other words of our ancestors -they are:
"it is not necessary for eagles to be Crows"- Yotanka ioTanka [sitting Bull-Dakota]
"let me be a free man, free to travel, free to stop, free to work and rest where I want and to follow the religion of my fathers and I will obey every law or submit to the penalties"
Hinmoot Tloohleket [aka Chief Joseph-Ne-Pierce]
"Every treaty with the whites begins and ends the same way,"move a Little farther from us as you are still to near"-[speckled snake of the Muskogee]
Then there's the words of My Aunt they ring in my ears to this day, in admonishing her own son who had derided a cousin of less than full blood status as was he, she said;"Boy! either you are Indian or you ain't, now which are you!?"
well, which ARE WE TO BE! the choice is in the end- YOURS to make NOT the Destroyers!

Uwas’ Neyahdu’hi’ k’dodi ni’i’ Only may there be peace within your presence.
Akax alew akax elati It is so right now, it is so in heaven

Leadhorse said...

The real id act, the verichip, enhanced tribal id's, enhanced driver licences, the gov. wants to track everyone.. with one word terrorism.. wow just the word made ameicans panic and get a passport.. but for me im glad they got there passports as to accept a passport you have to acknowledge that you are on foreign soil.. thats what they want us to say..but not me ill never have a passport and when they set a date for us to have one ill cross the invisable lines they call a border again as i did on june 1st. with only my tribal id's as i did.. you can't make me have a passport and ill never acknowledge that i am walking on forein soil. these are our homeland and we are the ancestors of the original people.. so no one get a passport if you are native and proud to be so, i am passing and telling everyone not to get there passport and to stand together and unite and tell the gov. we are not foreigners ... you are!! Leadhorse

Leadhorse said...

dont get the passport or enhanced id's or every native can call you stupid!!!!! im Choctaw and i have pride and know these are our homeland.. only the invaders need passports Leadhorse..
Warrior of the Choctaw Nations

Anonymous said...

Its wahya again, maybe this will post;
I agree with our Choctaw brother regarding "pass ports', etc. as; IF one carries a "Passport" as defined by the ilegal Governments of "Christiondom', one is aquiessing to-[that] government.
Need I point out, by thusly aquiessing- one is Validating [that] governemnt- over-ones, Indigenous soveriegnty.

Of course- if one is caught trying to "Cross the Border" sans' US or Canadian "Passport" / Govt IDs', then -if you don't die from the wounds, one is going to spend some time as a guest-as it were- in [a] Government "Facility".
[remember the phrase-"Catch 22"?]

personally, Id rather be dead, than continue-living under a -unholy & subversive demonic government.The same-governments- that created the oppresive and divisive conditions we now speak of and incedently-by design.

Anonymous said...

Northern people also are struck with the stupidity of the new laws against indiginous peoples of our lands. I (Aleut) and wife (Eskimo) travel from Alaska to Alaska thru the border and subject to many strange questions. Northern people also have relatives within both boarders. Subsistance is a way of life and sharing is also.I feel most alarmed entering a common border and feeling unjustly and not proud. We are in our 60's and born when it was a territory. We have many relatives between our boarders.